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Every company's greatest resource is its people, they provide the ultimate competitive advantage. In order to fully unleash their potential, CMS group can focus on the Human Resource function and provide a variety of services that will improve business performance.

  1. Personnel Administration - allowing management to focus on managing the business.
  2. Strategic Personnel Planning - what people are needed and when, in order to match your business growth plan.
  3. Performance Appraisals - much needed but often neglected until employees become disillusioned.
  4. Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare - helping you comply and making your company a better place to work.
  5. Design, implementation and management of employee incentive schemes.
  6. Outplacement services.
In addition CMS Consultancy offers services in the following areas:

Management Resources Business Process Re-Engineering World Class Manufacturing

Management Resources

With a panel of highly qualified and experienced managers, we can provide management resources with specific skills & expertise for short to medium term contracts. Our consultants are drawn from a variety of backgrounds & industries and offer the significant advantages of long term practical experience in a variety of industrial and commercial experience. This service will facilitate new business start ups, expansion, prototype product introductions and other medium term needs.

Business Process Re-Engineering

BPR is a detailed system, by which a manufacturing process is examined, analysed and studied with a view to improving the process and increasing the overall performance of the business. The exercise of BPR will ensure that your business operates in the simplest, most effective and cost conscious manner.

World Class Manufacturing

The implementation of WCM will drive an organisation toward reduced costs and increase quality and service leading to internal growth in the business. WCM will normally include the concepts of JIT Manufacturing, Total Quality Control and employee involvement.

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