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CMS Group Human Resources also offers an aptitude and ability testing service. This provides for the objective assessment of individuals through the use of tests and personality questionnaires.

According to recent surveys, more than three-quarters of large organisations in Ireland use tests and their use is also growing in many small/ medium sized organisations too. Independent research shows that tests when used properly are one of the most powerful aids in selecting, developing and counselling people at work.

The test used by CMS Group Human Resources offer specially designed tools for measuring abilities and aptitudes including.

  • Verbal usage and reasoning.
  • Numerical computation and reasoning.
  • Spatial reasoning.
  • Clerical, computer, audio and text checking.
  • Symbolic and diagrammatic reasoning.
  • Fault diagnosis.
  • Mechanical comprehensive.
  • Manual dexterity.

These tests provide an accurate and objective means of assessing one or several job-related abilities against real job situations. This gives your organisation useful and relevant data for recruitment, career development, planning, performance management and training needs.

CMS Group Human Resources has a registered Saville and Holdsworth qualified user on site who can test your applicants and select the best recruits for your organisation.

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